What I’ve learned living in Morgantown for the last 24 hours…

The city is building an all-inclusive community with a riverside road paved for runners and bikers alike, divided in quarter-miles along the most interesting scenery; college students mostly, mixed with young families and the like. I felt I stood out like a sore-thumb to be trite, but maybe it was the bright pink soles on the kicks I bought last night— yes, I made a trip to the Morgantown mall, aiming to scope the sale racks.

Driving through town, I noticed two schools with message boards warning, “Don’t forget to read this summer,” and “Cool off and read this summer,” while the scenic highway bade mindless exploration. I caught second up the hill to 857 – not quite nearly as exciting as railing a 600 would have been, but then I looked up to find a tractor-trailer barreling down around the corner. Such mountain roads covet the road racer in me — where a danger of speed is precisely the thrill. Thankfully, the driver knew the roads as I didn’t, though I was left to figure it out.

The Coombs name is everywhere, around town and inside ‘the office.’ My first day at the office started sometime after 8:30, to which I found the newest issues of RacerX, RRX, and TRP ready to read at my temporary desk. Lunch time called for a visit to the $10 buffet where time was money and there wasn’t much of either. With 4 office mates and the British guy, whose office is in the kitchen (,) I was just one of the guys as usual, falling into conversation among equals. Last night’s festivities at the local bar struck conversation, and I figured the hecklers from the brutes. They turned down my road after a while, perhaps sensing my full-time status for the first time. Jokes passed through money and passion, the exchange being most taboo. I told them, “They showed me the money, so I moved across the country.”

Their eyes lit, and everyone started talking at once.


“Showed you…the passion?”

I nodded, smiling wide, “Well…”


At this point, everyone was completely aware that I wasn’t in this for the money— nobody was.

Lunch was surreal, like I was watching a TV show.

If it weren’t for the paycheck, would you do it for the passion? The passion won’t buy you the $9.99 lunch buffet, but it will get you a seat at the table.

Back to work – I had a meeting to personally introduce the boundless businesses inside the former high-class furniture showroom – which converted to an office looks defined, enticing and appropriately hectic.

With work in all accumulating accounts of motorcycling and real-estate, the time came for a office-based communication forum. The ability to load simple documents onto an open-discussion server to display chronologically, if need be was immediately relieving just knowing the inside workings of one magazine industry to another; I couldn’t believe the blogging type program unfolding before my eyes. Everyone knows the inevitable misplaced email or lost story and deadlines aren’t always met. At least with preventative measures, I guess it’s kind of like a seatbelt, of sorts. You can use it; it’s there if you want, for you to take full advantage, to the max, which, in turn, is probably better for everyone.

Thus, come winter time I’ve learned I will have to lay the Ranger to rest. If it snows, and these people up here say that will happen, I won’t able to leave the house, let alone drive a four-banger beat dog truck through the mountains, and she’s from Florida. The front tires are new, but that was obviously 1,500 miles ago. Hmm…I shall go car shopping at first chance.

Continued-What I’m learning…the closest Bank of America is 100 miles away…the WV state slogan is “Open for Business”…gophers and rabbits roam the streets like squirrels…drivers actually STOP and let people in when making a turn…


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