Snow Show



The highest village in West Virginia treated me to my first assignment at 4,848 feet, and the Snowshoe GNCC hit some of the best ski slopes on the East Coast, except this was the midst of summer.

Behind the three hour drive from Morgantown, the first stop was Friday’s 5th annual GNCC golf scramble at the Raven Golf Club.

Moose sponsored the GNCC event

The RacerX team set to include Bad Billy, Zack, some guy called “Transponder” and Bulmer, remember the bloke from the kitchen?

Come to find out, industry celebs would also enter the event, including the world-renowned Fred Andrews. He even remembered little ol’ me from his FTR days! Of course, Andrews was still rolling with Team GreenI told him I kept the t-shirt he signed for me back in ’98. He welcomed the opportunity for more (better) coverage. “Your stuff was always good in FTR,” he told everyone. SWEET!

Part of the Kawi crew


The Scott hole


Three pin locations allowed women to shoot from the lowest level, amateurs to the middle, and pros on top.

A more usual sight for the deer.

Now back to racing…

Smokin’ Woodford would DNF


All dressed up and nowhere to go

License plate read: ITSA 55


Sign at the bar


Don’t just stand there!

One scary cat

Hurry up and wait

The Can-Am Can (and did)




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