MUDDY CREEK gets bowled and ramped…

for the ITP/Moose Racing ATVA MX Series

I’m headed to my first QUAD national this weekend in Blountville, TENN and it just so happens, I’ve never been to Muddy Creek either! Rumor has it the track has become more ATV friendly, with the flat lines bowled out through the turns as to make for closer racing. The top spot is between Joe Byrd or Jeremy Lawson, so at least those guys will be hanging it out—pray for luck and fair weather. I will be traveling sans companionship, except with my camera of course. So, here comes 324.51 miles from Morgantown, and me, whose first bike was an ATV, (which I loved riding two-wheeled) but whose main focus has been the two-wheeled side of racing for the past…ever.

still got a motor…

Sometime p.m. Saturday* Once I found the track – deep breath – I was at once impressed. But of course, it was muddy.

“The first moto, the track was horrible,” said one rider from the podium mic, which blasted through the pits. “The second moto was a little better,” she continued.

Heather Byrd took the easy Pro Women win. Her strategy of keeping it in-between the mud paid off as she looks toward the championship overall. Joe Byrd Riding School must be paying off! …

Top pro Joe Byrd opted out of the first morning practice; Jeremy Lawson put down the fastest lap time around 2:04, and was the first one to hit the step-up by the spectators. Victory Sports did everything they could to keep the track up to par, even paying for city water to be pumped down to perfect the track. Then it rained Friday and again today.

So, the AMA ref showed me around to the pro pits. I met the series sponsors, then a few racers, mechanic, parents, privs…etc. He told the same story about 20 times, “She’s here to turn you guys into superstars,” he told them. They laughed—we shook on it. I was in there.

Sunday* Race day – 


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