Sunday Fun Day

I’ll remember: The cornfields of Illinois, and Doug Gust landing his plane on the grassy runway, soaring overhead just before practice Sunday morning. (The 30-minute dash to Wisconsin sure beat driving to a hotel.) The constant gathering around the Suzuki trailer, either fascinated by the three shining factory machines or the fine mechanics who tweaked them. Japan’s Seiya Sakuma stunning blond hair matched his personality; even though he spoke through a translator, he shined through once I flashed him the RacerX logo. (Later I caught him giving fans thumbs up and “rock on” before the big race.) — A friendly banter existed between the visiting Suzuki and the Yamaha boys and I caught them play-fighting for the camera — Pitboards that said: “so and so is junk” or “bring it” and “stay smart” and “u can” along with curious Japanese characters from Team Suzuki — Bri Stiles featured in the track’s issue of The Pickle, snapping photos and displayed above. (She rides, too.)

Sakuma studies the video from practice

Gust gets the gate dialed in

Harv handled the Pro rider’s meeting after my brief introduction called for wolf whistles

Factory boys will be boys

<Wienen waits on deliverance

Illinois is home of the John Deere World Headquarters; go figure.

Come again?

Even with twice the competition, Joe Byrd is a hard act to follow, finishing first in both motos after taking both holeshots.

Lawson didn’t let his loose chest protector slow him down

What a sight!


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