Nathaniel Hawthorne said a hero cannot be a hero unless in a heroic world, and the week at Loretta’s honored 99 battles, to which I jotted the frame numbers from the top ten in every moto. Hometown heroes stood out, including the Sunshine State by taking home the most championships. I’m working a day-to-day timeline in between hanging out on Boone Hill and recovering from a week of no sleep and more drinks.

Thankfully the Fox Tower has wireless Internet

We have the Ranch to ourselves waiting for the quad national this weekend. I interviewed a family who is already here a week early, which I posted on atvmotocross.com. It’s funny and a little depressing. This place is deserted!

Too fast for an interview…

Orange you glad for these two?

Don’t miss it. I won’t.

Seeing is believing for Canard at Millville.

Jacqueline Ross honored the Ranch and stopped by with her pops. Hit up http://www.jromx.com where you can follow J-RO on her comeback from a broken leg. According to her dad, she is more determined now than ever!

Canoing …

Eighteen of us in six canoes. I teamed up with Steve and Trevor, and lucked out in the middle seat with no paddle. The boys did all the work, so I worked on my tan and alleviating the cooler. Less than ten minutes down the river, we came to a fork where we busted a left. Well, our canoe ended up on its side, as our belongings began to float away; thankfully we were only knee-deep by the shore, but the current was relentless and quickly turned for the worst. I grabbed my sunglasses first before anything else. The team laughed hysterically watching the chaos as one of Steve’s DC shoes got away. Of course, we couldn’t get the canoe overturned, but that was the least of our worries; the cooler was getting away! No one would have let that happen..I couldn’t bring my camera on the boat, so you’ll just have to imagine bodies jumping overboard to save the Gatorade cooler. It was a sight to see.


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