The island

I drove myself to the Pittsburgh airport as the sun spilled over the mountains with the radio tooting just the right melody, dressed in USF sweatpants, a WMI T-shirt (represent!) and my flip-flops – straight up chillin.’

So picture carrying your gear bag, rolling a suitcase and lugging your tote [or backpack] from the parking lot to the terminal all by yourself. No big deal if you’re muscle man and/or coordinated. Really, I wasn’t that worried about it – really; I’m just glad I found the airport. One thing about the traveling, it’s nice to know where you’re going, and since I moved away from home is it rare I truly know my way around. Most of the time in Morgantown, I follow one road which leads to the other and so forth; I’m pretty pleased with my nose.

Somehow, the signs took me to the airport. I wish they clarified which airport it was, instead of just Airport, but that’s okay. I rolled into the extended parking lot and found an aisle with three empty spots. Score! I pulled ‘er in, and what to my wondering eyes did appear? A smartcarte! Bells were ringing! My muscles were saved! Sweating was saved!

I smiled – took a breath. This was turning better for the good; I knew it. Some people must always have something looking out for #1. I know it.
Minutes later at check-in, I find out my flight isn’t until 1:35 PM, and there it was 8:30 AM, and I thought the flight was at 10:35 AM! Boy, I’m sure glad I have this story to tell you. See you in Baltimore, then on to Providence. 10-4

Wait. It gets better. There’s a non-stop flight from Pittsburgh to Providence at 10:30 on Southwest on the same airline! What’s the difference? Only $124, said the lady at the ticket counter, taking me for an idiot. D’oh!

I’m stealing power from the Pittsburgh airport, and it’s harder than I thought. Is it legal? [ Interesting Topic ]

First, I had to find an available outlet, which are few and far-between. I found some by the pay phone station, along the terminal and in-between bathrooms. The hard part was finding an outlet with a nearby seat. Armed with coffee and a bagel, I took to the task and voilà! I surfed the net, learning Providence is actually the capital of Rhode Island, and

A few hours later I landed in Baltimore fully expecting to check my e-mail with no such luck. Here at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, they charge for Wireless! For 24-hour access, it’s just $7.95; a far cry from FREE in Pittsburgh. On to Providence…


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