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Another first for everyone at the GNCC this weekend, and I’m fired up, and not just because it’s so close to home. No, this location brings something else to the table. It’s the first time that the Mountain Ridge Trails Resort will host a GNCC in the town of Somerset, PA, which according to the website, [here] boasts over 2,500 acres of trails for the ATV community, AND still allows dirt bikes to roam free.

I love the woods

Sweet! Sounds like Croom to me. Actually, Croom is a state-run property and claims 2,600 acres, but who’s counting? Check out the Croom Motorcycle Area Once upon a time, when I was a Florida Trail Rider, I remember spending an entire weekend camped out with my dad and several hundred members. We had our bikes of course, but we weren’t there to ride. Instead, the park needed some serous maintenance, and we had some serious federal grant money to do it. $100K? So, we put in two days of hard labor, from re-building the drainage field on this uphill section of the road, to hauling a cement truck down to the campground and paving the area around where my dad had installed the outside showers for the bathroom. I’ll never forget putting my hand print in the wet cement on the boy’s side of the bathroom…

The Croom sticker made the GNCC in Snowshoe, WV– it always sits on the left fork and is a different color each year.

Check out my schedule – There’s three GNCCs in the month of September alone!

Cross Country Calendar

Round 10 Sept 15 and 16 in New Berlin, NY
Round 11 Sept 29 and 30 in Yadkinville, NC
Round 12 Oct 13 and 14 in St. Clairsville, OH
Round 13 Oct 27 and 28 in Crawfordsville, IN
GNCC Awards Banquet Nov 23 and 24 in Cranberry, PA


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