Green and Purple Money

Apart from his purple Shift gear, the 17-year-old Lowell Spangler stood out from the competition this weekend by remaining undefeated in four classes.

Event Finish Summary – PAMX State Championship – 9/9/2007 – High Point Raceway
Class Number Brand Moto 1 Moto 2
Schoolboy 14-16 (4-Stk) #427 KAW 1 1
MX Lites B #427 KAW 1 1
MX B #427 KAW 1 1
4 Stroke Bike #427 KAW 1 1

That’s perfect!


427 overcame bad starts like this one and would pass for the lead before the green flag.


Most of the time however, 427 pulled got the holeshot – seeya!

Did you win every moto?

“Yes,” he told me.

Did you expect to do that?

“I don’t know,” he admitted. “Not in Four Stroke!” [laughs]


Lowell had everything under control

…and so did his mechanic – who was spinning wrenches on the starting line – just minutes later, the 1-minute board went sideways and 427 clutched another holeshot.


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