Da Meeting Place

We’re off to Unadilla this weekend, and I’ve never been before but heard the name for years on end. Now I get to experience herstory* at this historical haunt! OR “The Meeting Place” as “The original Unadilla was settled about 1770 at the confluence of the Susquehanna and Unadilla Rivers.” Wikipedia

The track’s hosted races since 1969 and even the Motocross of Nations once in 1987! BUT there’s more! Apart from the outdoor nationals ever since 1972, the best part about Unadilla FOR ME is seeing New York for the first time since I was five years old. And that doesn’t really even count because I don’t remember playing in the snow or visiting the Buffalo Zoo, and I haven’t seen snow ever since! The weather looks nice for the weekend though, so here’s hoping I don’t freeze my southern ass off…just yet.

Almost forgot: we’re driving DC’s ’07 Tundra to New York with Tim’ s KTM in the back, and we’re leaving tonight. That’s a nice, eight hour trip for myself and three of the most well-educated AND accomplished gents around. I couldn’t have asked for better companionship, really – these guys are factory RacerX! To comply with these standards? I’m much obliged! How’s that for my man-friend status?


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