After One’s Heart

Jason Raines’ verbiage

When Unadilla played host to the Motocross of Nations, I was turning three years old. It’s now twenty years later and I finally got to experience Unadilla this passed weekend at the GNCC; with a record-breaking 1,623 entries, surely this was an Olympic sized-event for the off-road community, but it was even extra special with the Motocross of Nations on home turf this weekend at Budds Creek for the first time SINCE 1987. Track officials estimate attendance at more than 35,000. Many of the international attendees will be visiting Maryland for the first time.”

There I was at Unadilla, imagining the place back then, and I bet it still looks the same.

Riders and mechanics scoped the start

KTM’s Antti Kallonen and Kawasaki’s Fred Andrews among others

Hawk’s In It 2 Win It rear rode to sixth overall

Easier said than done?

Knight took it easy on the moto track:  “I like doing motocross, he said, “The trouble was, it was all backwards so all the jumps were drong, but it was good for a bit of a rest to be honest.”

What up, dog?

Feet on the pegs!

Scenic trackside wasteland

Not bad for a trail blazer! Edmisten aired out gravity cavity

The Knighter was SO looking at me

Get ‘er dun!

Edmisten’s pinky post-ninth overall

This is the real thing!


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