What are the odds?


The raging Bulls took a sea of green to victory over the WVU Mountaineers – I just wish the taste was sweeter. Read the Times WV I was rooting for a good game to be honest, and held off making predictions for the most part. We dialed in the satellite radio for the first half of the game on our way to the GNCC, and you could just tell the XM announcers were for USF. That was unfortunate. We arrived at the hotel just in time for the third quarter, and there really were 67-thousand plus people there, in the Buc’s stadium, for college football. WOW! Where did all these people come from? Certainly not USF? You could not pay students last year to attend a football game, even if it was in a badass stadium; we just didn’t care enough. Read the Sun-Sentinel I remember tailgating in the parking lot all day, without stepping foot inside the arena or even watching the game. NOW – I can’t help feeling left out for this running of the Bulls. How come my school goes big right when I leave?


Can I just get ten on six? I asked, handing over the cold crisp twenty without looking up.
“Think your team’s gonna win tonight?”

I looked up, smiled – he was cute. I don’t know, I said vaguely, really unsure myself but seemingly all that much more interested. “It’s going to be good…” he trailed off, getting me my change. I know, I breathed, feeling the tension at its peak. “Did you really go to South Florida?” he questioned, like I was wearing a UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA ALUMNI T-shirt on away game-day? FOR FUN? against West “BG” Virginia University? Yup, just graduated, I answered, take that one boy. “And now you’re up here?” he stated it like a question; he couldn’t fucking believe it was true. Hell yeah, beeming, taking my change and turning around. So, we’ll see ya.


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