Ohio is for OFF-ROAD Lovers

St. Clairsville, Ohio adds another first to my list as this weekend’s GNCC heads to the city said to be nicknamed “Paradise on the hill.” I looked at the map, and it’s just west of the Ohio River – so it’s sure to be scenic. I’m really excited because it’s less than two hours away – unlike North Carolina or New York – we are leaving Saturday morning, so I don’t have to spend Friday night in the car for once! There is one other thing, though and that being The Weege is in Las Vegas for the U.S. Open (lucky) so we will be GNCCing without him this weekend, and that makes me kind of nervous. Under his watchful eye, I’ve learned my trade; I just hope it’s well enough. If not…I can still breathe easy knowing he’s just a phone call away.

“…because my heart is in Ohio”

I recently interviewed Josh Weisenfels – here – I was super impressed with his responses! I’m a sucker for rookies, plus he’s a redhead! Josh is fourth in points in the XC2 Lites class, so he’ll be the one I’m watching this weekend.

JW through the flowers at Mountain Ridge


On the podium at Unadilla



One Reply to “Ohio is for OFF-ROAD Lovers”

  1. I’ve been a big Weisenfels fan since his first time on the podium at Big Buck in South Carolina. Weege asked him to thank his sponsors and he literally had no one to thank! He was riding a white YZ 250F and was easy to spot, but had on this hideous four year old Moose gear that didn’t match. I felt so bad for the guy. Huge kudos to Freddy Andrews for giving him a ride for the rest of the season.

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