“Only those who attempt the absurd can hope to achieve the impossible,” said one presidential candidate, who literally emptied his pockets last night on Conan. On his person, Dennis Kucinich pulled out a pocket Constitution, a Magna Carta… along with Obama’a American flag pin, a shiny rock, a tea bag, a cup, water, sugar…

“Did you shrink that yourself?” Conan asked when referring to the Constiution.

“No, George Washington did that for us already,” he said.

The spiel was a joke, apparently, and the guest was in on it. Funny stuff, but this guy is running for President, really, and I wouldn’t have known that from the segment. How about a real interview? Despite cracking donkey jokes at the man, Conan barely touched on the subject of Democratic nomination, like as if, yeah right. I got the same vibe from this month’s article in Esquire magazine, of which I’d been formerly enchanted with all evening…but more on that later.

It’s sad that this guy will presumably “never have a chance” to run this country simply because no one will give him a chance. He is a genuine human being!


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