Read my interview – 5 minutes with Justin Williamson

Yesterday, I posted a bulletin telling everyone to read my interview with JW11. One of my friends from Florida Nic Frey wrote back. Nic and I have known each other for years – our families followed the hare scramble series religiously back then, while we had the time of our lives. Him and his friends always used to pick on me, calling me “Casper,” and following me around until I had to use the porta-potty, just so they could shake the #$@% out of it while I was inside. Well, Nic never did that, but I remember did. Ahh, those were the days…

Well, I graduated high school, moved to Tampa for college, and quit racing as they all did – life happened. Well, Nic and his crew lived in Tampa, and looking back, part of me probably picked Tampa for that very reason – I had no real intentions of attending UCF, FSU or UF, anyway, plus I would have friends for life in those guys. Nic and I crossed paths a lot during my four year stay in Tampa. I actually moved into this HUGE house on the Hillsborough River, where I spent my last semester living with him and four other guys! It was sweet – I was the only female and I had finally joined a fraternity!

Anyway, Nic had this to say about JW11…

RE: #1 interview with JW11
God, I remember when he was a little kid just starting out in C and he used to always come hang with us in the pits cuz he didn’t know anybody. Then he spent one summer training and came back and started kicking our ass. Now your interviewing him for Racer X. Its a crazy, small world.


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