Your mission, should you choose to except…

He said this mission would be a tough one, so I made a liar out of him, and then he told me it must pay to be a girl…

I was set to interview Bill Ballance, the EIGHT time GNCC ATV Champion. This weekend in Indiana, Bill broke Barry Hawk’s record of seven straight championships, making him an even bigger deal – he’s the King of Quads! So, I waited until after lunch to gather my strength. Apparently, Bill is a hard guy to get ahold of – go figure – I was nervous anyway having hardly met the guy. Armed with two phone numbers, I tried his cell first and lo and behold, he answered the phone!

Read my conversation with Bill Ballance – what a guy!

Bill and Weege chatting it up

Besides running the NUMBER ONE, Bill [left] is sponsored by ONE Industries with his brother Brandon [right]- PERFECT!

The front page of the Crawfordsville newspaper

The biggest burnout EVER

…and everyone was smoked out


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