This weekend, I took the chance to offer a valuable life lesson.

You know the age-old axiom – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this dog was young…and I know puppies love to learn.

He was new to the neighborhood, having never before raced motocross in his life, and there I was at the Thunder Ridge Cycle Park freezing my pups off in The Middle of Nowhere, New York on Sunday morning. I had on three jackets and two hoods and I was still cold – miserable – but I tried not letting it show. I pointed my camera to the first turn; the flag dropped and I hammered down the shutter button.

The camera fired off in succession, and I followed the pack across the ridge.


They disappeared off behind the tabletop, as I glanced down to my work on screen.

Aww, man, I thought. Keep your elbows up!

I chuckled, wanting him to see the proof, so I kept taking pictures, especially out of the corners where he struggled to hold on to his YZF450.


Of course after the moto, he wanted to see the pictures, and since knowledge is power – reluctantly, I handed over my camera.

This puppy had never even heard of the “elbows up theory,” and he wanted to know why before he asked how. It must have sounded so silly coming from me – a girl – and one who always had trouble maintaining the attack position, but he wouldn’t know that. One of the foundations of motocross is proper body positioning, and I tried my best to explain. “It steadies you,” I told him, “You have more control.” I didn’t want to seem like a female-dog, or Miss Know-It-All, which was harder than it sounds because I knew it was right. [laughs]

And he still posted the pictures, so all was not lost. Hey, you can teach a new puppy old tricks!


One Reply to “Word”

  1. Hey #1… love it! But…. you forgot to mention how decent I did for my first moto ever… holdin 1st for 6 laps before getting ran over by some POS that I was lappin…3rd tho…I may be addicted? but ill be stayin in the woods for now! by the way you put on a real good act… but I could tell you were miserably cold! haha

    elbows up!!!

    later babe

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