“I never would’ve thought-“

“- I’d see a pair of barkbusters on my bike,” J-RO said.

J-RO’s new KTM 125

“Early in the morning” – the father daughter team

Over the EX in practice

J-RO checking out this crazy start procedure

J-RO on the way to her first kick start


When I heard someone say, “It’s about time you showed up,” I turned around to the ONE AND ONLY Jacqueline Ross.

“No way!” I gave her a handshake and returned the smile. I was so stoked for this day and her first harescramble ever.

“Hey, come check out my sweet custom number plate, complete with the yellow backgrounds,” she motioned to her shiny new toy on the stand behind us. The edge around the white numbers 734 showed some sure effort as I appreciated even the cut of the centerpiece around the number four. Oh, and there was also a black letter A on her bike – for the Women A specialty class that races on Sunday morning before the pro race. [Initially, FTR wanted J-RO to ride the AA class in the afternoon since she holds a pro license, but since she has yet to actually qualified for a pro national, she signed up in the Women A class, which is where she should be, anyway.]

“This looks so sick,” I said in disbelief, motioning to her bike and snapping a few pics.

“What a different crowd this is,” J-RO said of the pit area. I agreed, remembering the easy-going nature of the races I grew up around compared to the ultra-competitive sport of motocross we’re all used to.

I couldn’t help but notice how she stood out anyway in this crowd. Her Fox brand alone, sunglasses and hat, her toothy grin and blonde hair, a simple t-shirt with jeans and a pair of boots to complete her outfit in complete moto-fashion.

J-RO asked where the practice order would be posted and I laughed when I said there wasn’t a practice order. “They just let you all go together at like 8:30,” I told her.

“No practice order? So, all the A, B and C goes together?” she looked forlorned.

“Yep, and there’s a trophy if you win practice,” Racedaypix chimed in for good measure.

“Really?” J-RO asked immediately.

“NO!” we both answered and started laughing again.

“I better go get ready then,” she said, exiting the conversation.

“Man, we’re really green around here,” J-Ro’s dad joked, and I nodded to him in agreement. “This is crazy.”

…more more more



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