Back to the Roots

The results from the harescramble are posted and I’m delighted, especially for everyone involved. I witnessed the unspoken test that each rider put themselves through as top motocrossers signing up for their first harescramble race. I didn’t know whether the change would be good for them – I knew it would be different – but never in my wildest dreams…


Jacqueline Ross copped the Women A win by almost six minutes…scroll down for more on that…


Steven Clarke finished fourth OVERALL and first in A Open, which is REMARKABLE for he started on the second row, a good two minutes after the first row of thirteen AA riders dusted off.

 Clarke was third off the start in Open A, stepping straight onto his foot-peg and swinging over the bike for one sure power kick.

Clarke over the culvert and ahead of the AA rider

The MTF mechanic, Eric Howe [pictured above holding Scuba’s bike] won Vet C by almost two minutes on a bike had never even ridden before that day! (On Saturday, MTF hosted a clinic at the race with Steven Clarke and Trevor Donie. FTR provided for their trek down south along with their entry fees, minus their FTR memberships.)


Trevor Donie placed second in A 250 and would have finished seventh in AA.


SWEET! I was thrilled for the moment that propelled us forward, further than the coziness of the same ol’ motocross track. Eric walked up to me during the afternoon race, with his trophy in hand and said, “I didn’t even know I won.” I looked at him like he had to be kidding…Does it get any better?


Well, for Ricky Renner it does.

Mr. Renner gets pumped up

Renner blew his bike up before the end of the first lap and had to DNF the race…Garrett Edmisten finished second in AA after falling back with a broken shifter. He came in and got it fixed just in time and caught up to the leaders before the white flag. By then, Joey Baker had a comfortable lead over Ricky Skaggs and Clay Lyons.


The top four finished just two minutes apart, with Baker, Edmisten, Skaggs and Lyons. Steven Clarke actually finished four seconds ahead of Lyons after the time adjustments.

Baker and Edmisten recover

This guy is probably still recovering


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