The weather outside is frightful

Tonight, there’s a freeze warning and wind chill advisory for the first time this season. The weatherman said low forties…WOW – people in Florida are freaking out. Lately, it’s been nice – mid-eighties and HOT – with no possibly way we’d ever dream of a white Christmas. A wet Christmas, maybe.

When I was younger, we used to turn the sprinklers on the night before Christmas and if I was really lucky, the weather would drop low enough for icicles to form in my front yard and all the neighborhood kids would come over and eat them! It was awesome! I always scoped out the best spikes first though, but I was the most popular kid on the block, thanks to my genius parents, but that was about the extent of our winter wonderland.

It seems like now, what with global warming and everything, the month of December is a lot hotter than it ever used to be. With the cold weather (finally?) upon us in [one of] The City Beautiful[s], I can’t help but think, how long’s this going to last? Hopefully, not long enough for the first round of the Winter AMs in two weeks!


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