Thank goodness

This weekend, I caught up with Quinton Bigalow at a Christmas party in Orlando. Joined by his friends – guys like TJ Tiffany, Chase Garrett and Matt Goerke – the boys made good company…there aint nothin’ like the off season.

Quinton wound up captivating the audience – the one who just broke his neck in a motorcycle crash – the one who was almost paralyzed – one of the ones wearing the Leatt neck brace in the 250 A Mod class.

Quinton knows he’s lucky; he firmly believes this device saved his neck from snapping and that it should be required in competition. I made notes for later, when we sat down today for a face-to-face interview, sans the party favors…

Just Wear It

I arrived to Gatorback on Tuesday morning, just in time for the ambulance to pass me turning into the track. I wondered who it could be, but I never expected who it was…I went to find out what exactly happened… 

I had a $500 neck brace on and that’s what saved me. If I didn’t have that on, I’d be paralyzed,” he said.


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