A contest between antagonists

If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t done too much to my blog for Christmas – apparently, that’s the thing to do these days. Christmas posts, holiday decorations, gift guides..you name it. See: What have you done

The blogosphere is so festive – let me tell ya!

Anyway, I also found this post called 25-tips-for-battling-bloggers-block, which is to say that I’ve been having a brief bout with blogger’s block. These past few weeks, there’s been nothing going on, and come January, there’s a race every weekend for five weeks! AND I get to pick and choose between attending the harescrambles or motocross races – it is a tough decision! I grew up racing harescrambles…but I’m growing up covering motocross – I might need a little incentive here…like a certain AA rider offered to let me borrow his Kx450 to race the harescramble – if I wanted to try it. I was only half joking when I told him I probably couldn’t even start that joker, nonetheless pick it up off the ground when (not if) I wadded it up. I’ve never even been ON a 450…well, I’ve never raced one, but it IS a free ride and I AM a sucker for the woods.

The only problem is that I’d be missing out on the motocross races, and oh, how I’d hate to do that. Everyone knows skipping one round of the series is serious stuff -it’s like reading the first chapter of a book and then putting it down for a few weeks. I’d get lost…and more blogger’s block. So, I have some deciding to do…there are three FTR harescrambles scheduled on the same weekend as the Winter AMs…WHO PLANNED THAT?

Pics are good…

FTR harescramble

Garrett Edmisten 

Maynard Patterson



Mini O’s

Lowell Spangler

Lucas Crespi


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