Quick Track

While some Floridians relaxed on Saturday night after a long day spent at the races, the thunderstorm ripped through CF and dropped enough water -“some areas receiving 2 inches of rain in an hour“- on the already soft and sandy racetrack in Lakeland that one section had to be re-routed this morning, and boy, was it wet.

The last time I’d been to Quick Track the start was on the other side of the track, and the jumps weren’t half as big as they seemed now, but the lines worked in nice : here the rutted up triple step-over


Well, the cat’s out of the bag as to who can beat Barcia. Yes, it’s Ian Trettel folks. and he made a lot of people’s day today…

And I heard a little something about my boy Hamilton getting a work proposition from one other Suzuki rider and long time member of the Florida mafia who’s now strutting his stuff with the big leagues…I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


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