Yes, I’ve been slacking on my pimpin’…but this weekend’s race at Gatorback was nothing to write home about. All except for the Open A class, where Futrell went 1-1-11, Clarke had DNF-2-1 and it was Alex ‘Midget’ Martin taking the overall win with a 4-3-2 over Jay Weller in second going 2-4-4.

Weller and Martin airing it out

A few overseas racers faired better than some…like Frantisek Maca and Josef Kulhaux from the Czech Republic and Leonel Banner and Luis Correa from Argentina. The Argentinians also entered the Open Pro class where Banner took sixth overall with a 9-5 . Kulhaux placed seventh in Pro 125 with a 9-6 and Maca was ninth overall…The Pro 125 class also saw Les Smith return to the gate, only to finish 11 in the first moto and DNS the second.

They were happy to see him

Cianciarulo almost went undefeated…1-1-1 in 7-11 and 2-1-1 in 9-13, and Jace Owen had the first moto win

To make a long story short…I’m up to my ears in weekly Winter AM stories for Cycle News. Is anyone reading them? Anyway, I sure hope the series finale this weekend at Waldo goes out with a bang.


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