Where’s Waldo?

Somewhere in Florida

Clarke 511 over Futrell 277

Check out the bewildered looks coming out of the mechanic’s area

Waldo just saw one of the closest battles to date in the 125A class between Steven Clarke and  Taylor Futrell, the fastest of the fast guys. When Clarke took the holeshot in the last moto of the day on Saturday, thankfully Wes was there with the video camera because what unfolded before our eyes was simply unbelievable. We had just been discussing how Futrell had yet to really shine over Clarke, but here he was right on Clarke’s back tire – this time he must have wanted it bad. Futrell charged hard behind Clarke for any way around and they came closer than ever before – both clearly confident in their aggression.

Futrell over Clarke

The next thing I knew, Futrell was first through the whoops while Clarke skipped out that section completely, throwing his hand up like, “WTF?!” and I wondered what had happened in the previous corner and if Futrell had just cut him off. Clarke pulled right back up behind Futrell though, grabbing handfuls of throttle and riding the wheels off his Suzuki. One lap later, in the very same corner right before the whoops, the two riders got together in the turn and it was Clarke who came out on top. Futrell parked it in the corner, leaving Clarke wide open with the lead. Futrell made no moves to get started and would end up just pushing his bike off the track, just in time to catch Clarke take the checkered flag. Futrell threw one finger up like, “Wait a minute @$$!#&%,” but Clarke exited the track so Futrell dropped his bike with a buddy before marching off in the direction of the MTF pits. The crowd caught wind of this and scurried off in excitement – there’s fixin’ to be a fight! I figured I’d follow for the sake of the story.

“I think they’re going to DQ Clarke,” one track official said as I walked by.

Oh geez, I thought rubbin’ was racin’…

Everyone gathered around waiting for the brawl to break out, which of course didn’t, but wishful thinking nonetheless. Afterwards, I caught up with Scuba’s mechanic and asked him for the whole story.

“They both got reprimanded,” he said, “If they do it again, they’re disqualified.”

“It’s not like that wouldn’t happen at a national,” someone else chimed in.

I nodded, “The battle was awesome.”

“I’m just glad Scuba stayed aggressive,” his mechanic said.

Catch the video on vurbmoto.com and you can be the judge. 


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