My boy Gray landed a job with Nico Izzi after first appearing on my blog! SWEET. Gray moved up to Albany, GA after the last round of the Winter AMs where he will be staying with the Izzi’s and working as Nico’s practice mechanic. What a deal…Anyway, I got a phone call from him the other day…

“Hey, guess where I am?” He said when I answered the phone.“Where?”“Tim Ferry’s house with Nico.”“What!!! That is awesome!”“Yeah,” he said unmoved. “Guess who else is here.”“Who?”“Photo Frank and he wants to say what’s up,” Gray handed the phone to Frank. “What’s up!!!?” Frank said, I’m sure with a huge smile.“Dude. How lucky are you?!” “Yeah, your friend Gray said he knew you. Small world, eh?”“Totally,” I agreed.“Man, I wish you were here. It’s going to be awesome.”“I bet. Send me some of the good stuff,” I told him.

“Oh, I will. Don’t worry.”

Well…ask and ye shall receive.

Check out photofrankmx.com for more.

Ferry’s fold by photofrankmx.com

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