I wanted the chance to run this picture the next time I got hold of the keyboard. Here’s the story behind this # 1.
Dalton Yingling has been #275 as long as I’ve known him, except at Loretta’s – he was #75. When I showed up to Reddick this weekend, Dalton was rockin’ the #1, and I thought for a tribute to me. So, once he started winning motos, I was more curious as to why the switch.
“What’s up with number one?” I asked while he was in staging. 
“Gotta defend my title,” he said with a grin.
Welcome to the Florida Series.
Lil’ Renner on the Chaplin ride
It was the most horrific sound of two bikes colliding in mid-air – plastics clapping together unexpectedly – the sound of bodies and machines impacting the ground. The body was stiff when he hit, one onlooker observed, and we stood with our jaws on the floor. The other jumped right up after crashing and rushed over to his competitor, who remained motionless on the ground.
What happened? Someone asked.
 I saw it all, I thought.
As they crossed the finish line jump, the Honda came over on the Suzuki and took them both out. The crowd rushed to the fenceline and the paramedics brought out the backboard.
“He got knocked out,” someone said. “He’s coming to.”
Time to call it a day.

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