The OG

Jacqueline Ross is The Original Gangster.

Once upon a time, I had to track down J-RO for FLmx. The only problem? We didn’t have any way to get in touch with her – such is life.  The only thing my boss could tell me was she rode for Performance Honda back then (she’s since switched to KTM) and the shop should have her home phone number. Well, no such luck, so I tried the Yellow Pages. I found a Ross residence somewhere in Florida, so I called and left a message for her on the answering machine. I didn’t hear anything back, so I tried one last thing. I signed onto MySpace and did a search for her. BINGO! I found her, so I sent her a message asking for an interview and she responded like that same day! The interview turned out awesome, and we’ve been friends ever since.

Tonight,  I joined J-RO and her father at the Olive Garden in Melbourne – We walked right in next to David Knight and Jimmy Jarrett standing outside.

She said, “Isn’t that David Knight?” and I’m like, “Yea, you should go touch him.”

We dined at a quiet little corner booth and predicted tomorrow’s win. Her dad had to keep telling her to downshift – she’s amped for the race tomorrow. This is her GNCC debut, but she’s no stranger to the trees. Lately, actually, she’s been winning the Women A class at the FTR harescrambles, in addition to not racing motocross if you haven’t noticed.

Look for a post-race interview from the OG tomorrow after her race at 10 a.m.

As of right now, I only have one question for the transformer: What are your predictions?

J-RO: Hmm, as I gaze into my crystal ball…I foresee myself at the top of the podium .I take off my helmet, my face is covered in dirt, however my teeth are glistening white. I could possibly be the next face for the Orbit Gum commercial.  I get a drink of water because I have been parched from the grueling 2 hours of ”trail blazing” (thank you Jenn.) I then take the mic and tell it like it is.  Let the games begin…


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