One and Oh

No mention of J-RO winning her first ever GNCC on the web site, so I bust.

She had the win from the first corner too, and that’s just the beginning. I saw everyone from my old FTR days to the FLmx scene and then Racer Productions, all rolled into the 30,000-acre Kempfer Cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere, Florida – my backyard!

Today, I came just as a friend and a fan, with just a little photog. The first round of the series saw a few changes, like transponders, new shirts and the like.

Of course, some things never change…

Lucas Crespi showed up with a smile to his first-ever GNCC and entered in the XC2 Pro Lites class and finished 18 out of 26. 

Sure enough, after we saw Travis’ big Ford truck parked outside the Olive Garden last night, I knew he’d show up to race, and I thought nothing of it after we’d seen David Knight eating there, too.

When J-RO took the first corner to the win, we arrvied back at the OG tonight for J-RO’s celebratory dinner, in honor of her “sparkling debut” (Weege) at the GNCC. Here’s what she said to him on the podium:

“I’ve been working really hard. I’ve been training so hard for this. I was really looking forward to it. I just got on KTM’s this year and Kirt Lynch and Atlantic Moto Sports helped me out a ton. I love the bike, so everything’s going good. This is the gnarliest thing I’ve ever done in my life. My hands are still vibrating from all the palmettos. I got an awesome start – I came out of the first turn out front, and I just kept going from there. I crashed on the first lap and on the third lap I think, and I tried to tell myself to just chill and calm down and ride your own race. I’m good for today. I’m just going to take it one race at a time, you know. Keep going good, hopefully, and keep on keeping on. I actually don’t have any factory support from KTM, it’s all through Atlantic Moto Sports. Kirt Lynch, I couldn’t do it without him.”

She went on to thank: God, for keeping me safe out there. My mom and dad, all my family, all my homies that came out to watch me ride, Fox, Atlantic Moto Sports, Dunlop, Doug Harvey Racing, Factory Backing, Rekluse, ICW, Motorex, Cannon Racecraft, Synergy Seals and I’d like to dedicate this win to a buddy of mine that passed away like a year and a half ago. Robert Moody – this one’s for you buddy!”

She ended up 13th overall out of 420 entries, and that’s after starting on the fourth row!

Then, as we sat down to dinner with our table of twenty, one of the server’s happened to overhear that we’d just dined there the night before, so he mentioned Travis Pastrana was in restaurant too last night. Everyone smiled at once and I said, “Are you kidding me? This girl won her class today by nine minutes!” I motioned to J-RO, who was acting all modest.

The guy did a double take. “You race?” he asked her and she told him about her KTM He said David Knight was there too, but sure we knew that. Then he opened his server wallet and pulled out a receipt. “Travis left this for David last night,” and showed us the note. It read: “David, if you get this, I’ll let you win tomorrow,” signed TP with a cute little smiley face. We were almost on the floor laughing at this point. How funny was it that David had won today – did Travis really let him? What are the odds that everything happens according to His plan?

“Are you sponsored?” The server asked J-RO.

We laughed some more as she told him she rode for Fox. 

He wondered how long she’d been doing it and how much the purse for winning today was.

At this, we were hysterical – “I won a gold medal,” she said mildly.

After all, the server said he was impressed by the world famous celebrities and got on rather well with David Knight, even though he thought Knight was Scottish. The only bad part was when he told us, “Those guys didn’t tip me very well.”



One Reply to “One and Oh”

  1. Sound like it was a great race, cant wait for the next race. Maybe I can assist you with some photo… I have a pretty nice lens ; )

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