Break out the Haterade

I’ve always been one for cheering on…

This Florida native just won’t go away. Garrett Edmisten looked determined when I caught this pic during the first hour of the race. He must have kept his head down because he ended up on the podium after the three hour event. His crew was out in full force, too, and Edmisten showed off his ride with Walpole Trucking – two big names in the South.


 Another big name down South, or anywhere else for that matter, is this guy named Travis Pastrana, and he’s got a fan in everyone.

Especially me after he came through WFO with no goggles, and he was out front of Knight at the time.

Check out Knight, a few seconds later, cutting the corner and avoiding the chop.

The reason he won.

I can not forget my boy Lucas Crespi, who finished five laps of the race in the two hour time limit, with no bark busters?(the leaders did six laps.) What this guy has business doing in the woods, I have no idea, to me he’s always been a motocrosser, but I have to give him credit for trying. Good job Luke!

One other guy I have to give props to is my long time idol Fred Andrews. After being with Team Green for I don’t know how many years – I still have the t-shirt he signed at the Hard Rock GNCC back in elementary school – Fred Andrews Racing is riding blue!

The view from the bridge going into the race…home sweet home in the woods. 


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