Bike Week

They say in Florida, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute…but they also say ‘the storms you expect to blow over always drop the most rain.’

Such was the case when we arrived at the Daytona Supercross and I just couldn’t wait to see what had been done to the track. Before hitting the speedway, though, we stopped at the mall across the street (can you say convenient) and bought matching Fox tanks just because we can. The place was crowded, mainly with bikers, but definitely more Fox shirts than usual. Mandy had a bright idea for us to buy rubber boots because we would have been rockin’ the flip flops and the pit area was underwater. So, we went to Target, where I ran into more motocrossers than ever hanging out in the aisles. I’m talkin’ race shirts around every corner – it was kind of cool how everyone nodded hello to their fellow race fans. Anyway, this is what the parking lot looked like when we pulled up to the speedway…

Rain or shine!
Trackside with Mandy
This guy right here is the reason enough for a party.
Bryan Johnson finished eleventh after placing fifth in the second heat race. 
In the Lites class, BBMX’s new teammate Matt Boni finished on the podium and the party lasted all weekend long!

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