Funny story from the Altamonte Ale House this evening.

My friends and I were just grabbing a bite to eat…we had our drink orders in and one of my friends ordered a double vodka Red Bull, which is, I must say, a prime staple among the chicks these days. Anyway, the waitress delivered her drink with a can of Monster. Naturally, our interest’s were peaked.
“Umm,” my friend spoke up, “I ordered a Red Bull.”
“I know,” the waitress said, “It’s just they discontinued Red Bull and now we serve Monster.”

We all grimaced, because who does that, really?
“Yea,” she must have agreed with our expression. “All I used to drink was Red Bull,” she continued, “And then we couldn’t drink Red Bull while we’re at work, because they wouldn’t be able to tell if we brought it in ourselves, so I had to acquire the taste for Monster…”
“Yea…” my friend said in distaste.
“Do you not want it?”
“No, it’s okay,” she assured her, “it’s just not the same.”
“I know,” she sure agreed now. “I finally got used to drinking Monster at work and then they switched it on us, and now we can’t drink Monster at work, and it’s back to Red Bull for me.”

Kind of bittersweet in a way. We laughed at the irony. I wondered how Red Bull handled the news?


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