Have you seen this guy?

Down here, when some Marylandian named Stephen Stella showed up to the Florida races and started off tangling with the leaders in the Pro 125 class, people wondered who he was, and where he was going.

Back home in Westminster, Maryland, when Stephen started racing at 14 years old, who knew by the age of 19, he would turn pro? 

Stephen is a dedicated hard working privateer who is trying to make a name for himself, and he knows it’s hard to do without the team support. Stephen knows something else, too, and when he puts his mind to it, he’s got it made.

Name: Stephen Stella  

Age: 22

Describe Westminster, Maryland:

 Growing up in Maryland is tough for a rider because there’s really only one track and that’s Budds Creek. There are a couple private tracks but to find a decent track you have to go to Pennsylvania or Delaware. So I mostly spend my time in Florida and Georgia riding and training five months out of the year. As for the rest of the year, I spend time on the road traveling and doing races around the country. 

Current equipment: 

I ride a 08 KX 250F. When I first started in 99 I had a 1990 CR 80 and raced two races on that. In 2000 I got my first KX 85 and I’ve been on Kawi’s every since. I love ‘em. 

Who’s in your crew? 

When I go to the races. it’s usually a family event. My mom and dad go and help me out with everything. Also my mechanic Blake Taylor comes and my older and younger brothers. I have my own workout/riding regimen that I follow daily. When I’m home I’m either going solo or some local riders come. When I’m traveling I try to meet up with my buddies that race pro since they live far away. 

Upcoming races: 

In May, I start the pro nationals in the Lites class. I’ll also try to attend the Canadian nationals, but without team sponsorship that may be difficult to achieve. In the meantime, I’ll be racing local races and qualifying for Loretta’s. 

Latest highlight/proud moment: 

Qualifying for five out of six  nationals I went to last year in the Lites class. Also, putting in some good results in the Winter AMs this year.

[Stephen took second overall in the Four Stroke class and fourth overall in 125 A.]

Stephen rocked out beside Futrell and Clarke on the start at Dade City


Words to live by: 

Mind over matter 

Your number: 

343 is the number I got when I got the 2000 KX 80 and it’s been that way ever since. 

Riding style: 

I try to ride like Stewart, McGrath and Pastrana but I haven’t mastered all of their skills yet! 

Biggest threat/challenge: 

Everyone’s got the skill. When you get on the line its all mental. So the biggest challenge is myself. I can do it when I put my mind to it. 

Once again, a good jump at Gatorback 


Mom and Dad, mechanic blake taylor, MFI, Factory Connection, Pro Circuit, Jay from Oakley, Factory Backing, Tag Metals, Aerostar machine and Stella mx schools. 

Goals for the future: 

Win all local races, top three at Loretta’s, win some Canadian nationals, top 20 in the AMA pro nationals.

 caption by Stephen – “Nooo that’s not a one footer.”


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