April’s Fool

In light of all the ridiculous Internet sludge on April Fool’s Day – read this – not one joke was played on me Tuesday, intended or otherwise. It was kind of surprising, actually, as I figured someone, somewhere would come up with something. I always used to get a kick out of pranking people – I guess maybe we just get over it.

Anyway, I went out to the motocross track on Sunday for the third round of the Florida Series. The weather was perfect for some heavy moto’in – I arrived at the track just as practice was finishing up; already it was a little crowded.

We still cross our hearts when we sing the national anthem.

The name says it all.

He saved it!

April Fools! Mr. Bigalow running the day-glo orange

Here’s his son, Quinton, in Fox

Steady reppin’ the no1jenn.com on the swingarm!


Florida Motorsports’ Derek Hall #638 on the gas

I found myself on the beach just a short while later – reminded me of the surf – and – turf days…anyway, Cocoa Beach is always hoppin’ and Sunday was no exception. The beach was littered with bodies, canopies and aluminum cans galore. My eyes caught on a Monster Energy EZ-UP smack dab in the center of the scene. I bet I know them, I thought, assuming they rode moto. Who else would have a Monster tent? I mean, really.

Sure enough…it was the good ol’ boys from around the way. Cheese!


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