It’s the weekend

Friday’s here before I know it, and there’s strange news coming out of town this week. Some girls in Lakeland apparently beat up another girl for talking trash about them; it’s all over CNN and the news. It’s unfortunate that America has to hear about this coming from Florida – the Sunshine State and all. It’s already ninety degrees here , and us Floridians are workin’ on our fitness! I guess it’s snowing in places like the midwest, but summer’s on it’s way ‘down here’ and the gyms are packed!

I took a trip to Tampa this week to visit a friend who recently moved there. It looks like I might be moving back to that side of the peninsula in the months to come…sort of some more personal advancement shall we say? Stay tuned.

Another highlight of my week was my mountain bike trip with Jacqueline Ross herself. Yep, J-Ro and I met up on Tuesday for what would have been a good two-hour pedal sesh’. Instead, when we arrived to the Snowhill Road parking lot, I found my mountain bike tires to be dry-rotted, and my dreams of pounding out the sugar sand on hold.

J-Ro’s like, “Call 411,” so I dialed up the trusty mobile phone and within minutes was talking to Dave from the closest bike shop in Oviedo. Well, almost two hours and fifty bucks later, I had myself two-brand new tires and tubes all ready to go! It’s amazing what a smile will get you!

So, I took the lead once I got clipped in, and J-Ro jumped in behind me. We rode along at a steady pace as I accustomed her to the terrain and figured she didn’t want to really push it with her GNCC coming up this weekend – plus, we were enjoying the company and keeping conversation. We worked up a sweat and after five miles the course started winding back towards the parking lot, I told her how far we’d been.

“That’s it?” she said in disbelief of the five mile marker.

I had to call it a day after that, and I wished her luck at the GNCC. I sure hope the course is a dry one, because that Florida girl’s quick in the sand!


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