Wet feet

The Bone Crusher with the win


I was like a fish in the water at the wakeboard competition this weekend –  trust, it’s pretty much the same scene,Fox and Rockstar heading the event and beautiful bodies everywhere, but still way different from the motocross track . The lake is vastly diverse, from the bleachers to the beach to the riders and the…boarders?



I’d recognized some big name wakers in the “running order” – as they called it. Guys like Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murrary, Parks and Shane Bonifay always made the list, and there was even a few of the Orlando upcomers. I was welcomed to the water by Fox and World Media and caught a few moto-heads lounging by the lakeside. I quickly realized the amount of people there; it was like going to dirt bike race and standing right next to Ricky Carmichael and not even knowing it.



Everyone cooled off in the water, photographers, video guys and fans alike, so I started snapping everyone who rode by. It’s strange how they call it riding, because I definitely think of riding as something totally different. Still funny. I deemed these folks wakers, or boarders…Riders rest on top. Well, the Bone Crusher and his fiancé stroller in right in front of us riders while we were watching and I totally recognized him; he was all Fox’ed out in a throwback, shorts, shoes, hat…


“Who is that?” one of the moto-heads asked.


“That’s Rusty Malinoski. He rides for Fox,” I whispered; he was right in front of us…


“Is he good?”




I begged off to capture from the shore while they steadily admiringthe crowd of wakeboarders off to the side. It was interesting and entirely different.


The pits had autographs and everything, yeah, but there was also beer on tap by the Ale House. Most of the riders had dreadlocks or really long hair, big muscles and tattoos. They carried themselves high and confident and seemed so relaxed and chill at the same time. The vibe was mellow, the announcers clowning and joking around in all seriousness. Last, there were girls everywhere, unlike girls at the races. Girls in dresses and tank tops, sure, but only by the lake were there girls walking, tanning and wading in the water in bikinis.




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