So Fly

I was just watching the Today show on NBC about the 2008 Olympic games on 8/8/08 in Beijing, China. For the first time ever, bicycle motocross will be included as a medal event in this summer’s games. Stoked!

The spotlight appearance included a little something for everyone who lives under a rock or doesn’t know about bicycle motocross. Wearing a red Fly jersey with the Today logo smacked on the front, Meredith was hosting the minute-long segment held right outside the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and three of the best BMX riders showed off for the crowd on the simplified track. The two guys and one chick – they have women’s BMX too – made a run down the short straightaway. Then, Anne came out wearing a Fly helmet and jersey complete with “Curry” stuck on the back. She couldn’t quite make it up the scaled-down version of the Olympic starting gate, but she did coast – a little shaky – the roller section before taking her foot off the pedal. Pretty impressive and I can’t wait for August!


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