Mostly regulars showed up to the $10,000 Pro-Am this weekend, way down in south Florida where the Everglades are burning and brush fires closed I-75 on Saturday, detering this travelers trip ’til the next morning.

I showed up Sunday to a modest gathering of Seminole’s nearest neighbors. The Indian Reservation is at least an hour from everywhere – Miami, Ft. Myers or Lauderdale – and a good three or four hour drive from the Orlando.

Motocross includes q-wads, too

The competition was thin…blame the economy and gas prices…and still the regulars came out – Glenn and Shelley were there snapping pics and Nick Depalo showed up, too. Everyone was so glad to see him, some couldn’t keep their hands off him! He smiled while I admired his new tatt, knowing he’d probably drawn it up himself, and he had. Bradley Bollmann came out with the win and pockets full of cash – it was just fun watching the pro class of four entries. Lucas Crespi was out there riding his 250f and he told me they were just yarding him on the 450s. Still, he put on a show and his fans were pumped for the 17-year-old almost-senior in high school.

Crespi showing off for the camera 


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