FTR champ

…While the nationals wind up…
It went down to the last FTR harescramble of the season for the AA Overall Championship – war between Travis Hullfish and Joey Baker. Both had to win, and both showed up to race in the 90-degree heat.
Travis told me before the race that he wanted this one bad. “It’s just another race,” they told him. “It’s just another race you have to win,” I said.
Travis gets ready to go to the line, while his gf Charlie (left) gets ready for the nerves to kick in.
The front line had dwindled and all Travis had to do was to keep Joey behind him – the start would be worth it’s weight in gold, today.
Travis #113AA warms up his scooter at the 1 minute warning
The horn sounded and Travis nailed the start; he took the holeshot all the way to the win!
What a way to end his first year in the AA class by winning the last race of season and the overall championship!
Congrats to Travis and the entire Hullfish family!
I remember it like it was yesterday… I’d drive down to the Hullfish ranch and go riding in their back ten. I used to beat up on Travis while he was riding 80s and I was on the 125. We’d rip the trails while his sister followed us on her Blaster. His mother’d tell him that I could beat him, but he’d never let me pass.
Yep, those were the days…
The FTR banquet is in Orlando again this year on August 2 at the Dolphin hotel in Disney, and I wouldn’t miss it!
This guy was all smiles after his two hours

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