Chest plate

Funny stuff…
The host of Survivor, Jeff Probst, joined Kelly on the Today show this morning. Apparently, (already) this summer, he teamed up with the dudes from Dirt Rider and went “motorcycle riding” in LA, AND he lived to tell about it

Jeff brought pictures, too, for Kelly to see him ‘all geared up.’

“Is that your costume?” she asked of the Shift pants he was wearing. “Are those red flames and arrows pointing to your lower extremities?”

He explained that his costume, what with the “big boots and the chest plate” and everything…he said, “You do feel like you can kinda do anything.”

Anyway, Jeff was still scared to ride the 250 until his friend Jesse told him how it easy it was. (“It’s easier than the little bikes.”) So, the host of Survivor strapped on his ‘chest plate’ and took off behind his buddy. He ended up catching some air and he was so excited when he landed, that his throttle stuck wide open and his bike just took off in front of him. There he was, flying through the air, and he’d end up bruising his arm just a little bit. He showed Kelly the picture of the scrape, which didn’t do him any justice. She just laughed at his “substantial abrasion.” It could have been a lot worse, I guess.

I love this kind of stories. Who says chest plate, anyway? Come to think, I kind of like it.


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