“Come Monday, it’ll be all right.”

I can’t believe my luck. I set my TiVo to record Ricky Carmichael: NEXT and was all excited when I sat down to watch it this morning. Much to my dismay, the entire 30-minute segment recorded the Wildlife 200, instead! SPEED, what’s up with that?

I would actually be a lot more upset, but I also TiVo’ed the race from Texas and I’m watching it now – it actually aired.

“It is just so cool to watch James Stewart ride,” Emig said.

Heard. The 22-year-old Florida boy went undefeated, again, for the third time in a row. He was carving turns so hard he lost control and had to keep bike running, whip it right back around and take off like nothing happened! His strength is incredible! This weekend at High Point, he took both moto wins again for the FOURTH time this season! Sweet!

James Stewart, pictured right, 2007



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