Hot off the press

I was pleasantly surprised when Google alerted this article on Florida’s own Chris McBride in the Lakeland Ledger! Along with a sweet picture of Chris on the #39 Kawasaki, the interview drew a lot from McBride’s history with racing, his injuries and everything he’s had to overcome in order to win the Loretta Lynn’s regional qualifier. “You can’t compare anything to racing,” Chris said of the upcoming July race. “It’s the competition. Loretta Lynn’s – this is what we live for.”


The interview also quoted Chris’s friend, Ricky Renner, although the author fails to mention who Ricky Renner is – dude, he’s kind of a big deal. The author backed up Ricky’s training with Chris to his purchase of a bicycle and regular training outside in 100-degree heat, but quoted him as saying he once took “like 12 Advil,” before a race and lost me.

Anyway, I finally caught Carmichael’s show on the SPEED channel…Nice! RC took us inside his car, outside on his track, over to his parent’s house. He broke the step-up world record in his backyard on set – the jersey of Townley flashed across screen – the show didn’t even introduce him. Tedesco made an appearance; Les Smith was just chillin’ at the parent’s house on family night – not a word to the camera. It was like watching a motocross reality show, and I really think they have something here.


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