Time for Vacation

I needed a change of scenery and decided to take off for a month-long trip to Yankeeville, New York.
“Must be nice not to work,” my friends and family said. True, I won’t be punching the clock here in Syracuse, but I have plenty of stuff to do, including the August interviews for FLmx, attending the WNYOA scrambles with my new HD video camera, personal training a quad racer, drafting my manuscript, ghost-writing a novel, studying for the GRE…etc. Oh, I also will be attending the last round of the Canadian motocross nationals later in my trip to watch J-RO tear it up. AND I packed my dirt bike gear, too, so I should get in some seat time while I’m up here, staying on the outskirts of the city in a big house on a hill. Well, I’d call it a mountain…it’s beautiful. The temperature’s perfect, breezy and cool. It must be thirty degrees hotter in Orlando, but at least gas was cheaper down south. It’s way over four bucks a gallon in New York, but this summer is worth it.
“Got to keep keeping on.”


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