Home Depot

I did a gig for a promotion at the 2008 Home Depot Contractor Show in East Syracuse, New York on Thursday. The event featured a free t-shirt, Papa Johns and Coke products for everyone who entered the tent, where every brand at Home Depot set up camp with the latest tools and toys. I shared an easy-up with a girl named Jackie and we drank cans of Full Throttle all day, staring at the Makita boys, the Dumpster Rental dude and the custom cabinet maker guy next to us, the cute Glidden guy across the way wearing a bow-tie, the not very behind the scenes workers and every single man who passed us by…and came back…again and again. Geez, the lot of them stayed the whole day, looking at tools, mingling, playing with tools and repeat. One of the coordinators of the event warned us of a woman named Anne who had secretly shopped the west coast event and wasn’t particularly impressed with what she saw, so every time we had a woman approach, we made sure to acknowledge her with a smile before she could judge us. I don’t believe any of the four woman I greeted was Anne, but hey, we tried…Easy.


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