Fay, Fay, Go away!

Tropical Storm Fay has been my interrupting regularly scheduled programming for a week now, and I’m just about over it! Nothing but the live updates of rising water – more than twenty-six inches of rain in some parts! It’s just like a blizzard, except I’ve never seen a blizzard, or any snow for that matter, but the flooding has trapped people inside their homes, or outside of their homes. Eh, I hope those people have flood insurance. Luckily, my neighborhood is not a low-lying area, but my pool did overflow the other day, and I had to drain it; then it overflowed again last night! I have never seen this much rain! I went to sleep and it was raining, I woke up and it’s raining! It rains all day – sideways rain, coming from the south. Here in Orlando, we’ve only had twelve inches of rain. Thankfully, the storm seems to be moving faster than it has in days and it’s back up to speed at six miles and hour. Fay was spinning stationary for a while, and then she jumped up to two miles an hour. It’s incredible! The whole state is raining. I interviewed Malcolm Stewart yesterday and he’s been stuck inside playing video games simply because he can’t ride his dirt bike and it’s too windy to bicycle! Please, Fay, go away so our boys and girls can ride! The Gold Cups are coming up!

Sept 12-13-14 Gatorback
Sept 20-21 Reddick
Sept 27-28 Dade City
Oct 4-5 Waldo
Oct 11-12 TBA – (Lakeland has closed)
Oct 18-19 Gatorback


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