Matching wrists
Matching wrist tattoo

When I first found out Carey Hart and Pink were together – it seemed like the perfect match – they both had TRU LUV tattooed on their wrists. Then, I saw a picture of her holding up a pit board – “Will U Marry Me?” – on the motocross track while Carey was racing at Mammoth, and I just knew it had to be true love. SO, imagine my surprise when I read how their marriage went sour! What! Was it too good to be true?

From London (ANI): Talking about her split from her husband, motocross star Carey Hart, Pink said that they were still best friends. “We are insane and we love each other and we always will, even if we are not husband and wife. He knew what he was getting into 6½ years ago,” she said. “We are best friends, we really are. It’s confusing for most people but that’s the way it is,” she added.

He knew what he was getting into? What?


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