Harvest Moon

I enjoyed the sunset on the drive home from Gainesville last night and I marveled at the Harvest moon, bringing revelation – a lot about this weekend. It was the first round of the Gold Cup Series and I was on assignment for the new iMoto Online, which if you haven’t heard by now, is Randy Yoho’s latest mastermind, and he’s brought me on board writing for the weekly program!

I arrived on Saturday to the track and immediately noticed the difference in the campgrounds compared to the primitive harescramble I just attended last weekend. As I looked around to all the white toy haulers basking in the sun and all the shining motor homes – I didn’t see one tent at Gatorback – I knew the difference: motocross is money.

Bright colors in battle
Bright colors in battle

Another thing that’s money is the MTF ride of Justin Barcia, who just moved up to the A class, and, as expected, he was the talk of the town. The kid is amazing. Have you seen this video of him at Loretta’s? The edge he rides on is literally unbelievable. He went undefeated in 250 Pro and 250 A.

Barcia scrubbing the finish line jump, going so fast that my camera wouldn’t focus!


Quinton Bigalow over the new triple stepdown in the back section
Quinton Bigalow over the new triple stepdown in the back section
Bigalow invited his friend Cole, a mechanic from Kissimmee Motorsports

More to come…


One Reply to “Harvest Moon”

  1. I would just like to comment that I am extremely PROUD of the way my nephew has taken complete control again…He’s got a pretty ossume dad too, My lil Bro Rick..

    THanks for these great photos and storys.

    Norma Bigalow Mack

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