Monday is the first day of fall and this last weekend of summer really doesn’t mean anything to the Sunshine State. It’s still terribly hot but there’s plenty of racing left on schedule! This weekend, I’m riding out to Reddick for the second round of the Gold Cups…

Maybe James Stewart will show up at this one – it’s a little bit closer to home. When I saw Malcolm last weekend at the race, I introduced myself as the one he talked to and he smiled all nervous. I asked him if he liked how the interview turned out? “Yeah, I think it was good,” he said. Then, when I asked Big James if he read the interview, he said that he thinks his wife did. Well, I told him he had to read it because, “I wrote it!” We laughed and it was a good time. Rest assured if James does show up, I’m going to ask him what he thinks about his brother since everyone always asks his brother about him! How’d you like them apples?!

Check this blog I found on James “Bubba” Stewart. Only the NY Times could pull this off…


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