Hard pack

After digging nothing but sand out of my eyes for these past few weeks, it was back to Gatorback for some hard pack action at round five of the Winter AMs. The race for the lead was back in the hands of Taylor Futrell, who won all eight of his motos, which – even though it seems like Justin Barcia’s indefinitely gone from the amateur ranks – was still quite amazing with guys like Jeremy Medaglia, Derek Hall, Jimmy Decotis and Tevin Tapia out there; at least they were keeping Futrell honest. Then, there was Gannon Audette, who looked so determined right off the start on Saturday that you could have almost predicted he’d win just about everything, he was going that fast! Well, Gannon won all four of his classes and five out of his eight motos. I saw Gannon on the gate and wanted to ask him if he’d seen the interview we’d just done for the magazine. He just looked at me with a bit of a twinkle in his eye and asked, “For what?” I was like, “Dude! FLmx, you’re in there this month!” I guess we have both been so many places since we’d last talked that he’d forgotten all about it, so when I asked him later if he’d read it yet, he said that he had and he gave me a smile, so my job there was done!

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