Thanks to Google and DZP, I nailed down directions to the race this weekend since the first round of the Florida Series is tomorrow, and I thought I’d a weekend off. 

This will be one’s first time since the grand re-opening, but I’ll bet there’s still  more sand than the beach. It seems, If I’m looking at the map correctly…hehe…the location is the same place it always was, where the FTR and GNCC races used to be. The 13-round Florida Series sticks around ’til the end of August, and then there’s the 30th Annual Dade City Sponsor Cup that runs until November!

 I have a lot of Googlealert gratitude. Check it out. An interview this week w ith James Stewart from Cali’s OC paper, and it’s all about his biggest difference. The reporter chanced  a very tough question and James gave an interesting answer. “It’s tough pressure and extra responsibility,” he said. 

Then, there’s the article in the O-Town Sentinel about  that good ol’  boy Ricky Carmichael and the next two months at Daytona; besides driving around in a circle, RC has designed the Daytona supercross track again this year; alas, he won’t be riding it again, or ever?

 Cary Hart for PETA ?


Sunday fun day
Sunday fun day

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