Oldie but Goodie

I rode the Tuesday Night Urban Assault on Downtown Orlando last night, along with twenty others, and we had a blast! There was even another female added to the mix, and I busted out the ol’ Raleigh M80 that my dad won in a raffle eons ago, except – thanks to my factory ride with EMB – the white ratty old frame is now a smooth coat of Yamaha blue, and there’s a brand new set of tricky GEAX tires and some lighter wheels, and a whole bunch of other new parts, and I was in the front all night long! That bike has soul!

Home sweet home
Orlando Sweet Home

Anyway, here’s some stats from our route, courtesy of B.A. Bilal. We clocked 21.1 miles in just over an hour and a half, and fifteen of those miles were flat – go figure; it is Florida! At one point, the temperature dropped to 53 degrees, and the winds hit 8.1 mph; we climbed a parking garage over 200 feet in the air and Bilal’s heart rate jumped over 190 and his top speed was 33.9 mph! Man, I have to get a GPS!


One Reply to “Oldie but Goodie”

  1. Yeah I’m mentioned in your blog. “Another Female” is me! Lol. I ordered my fox jersey and just waiting on the shipment. I got blue so we wouldn’t look too much alike.


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